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POLITICS CAN BE FUN! A musical journey through the flaws of party​-​system democracy.

by EYE

Money Corporations The Banks Private Interests They're taking over The Political Parties now The Party System Stuff the Parties! The Invisible Government A Ruling Elite Political & economic power is concentrated in the hands of a ruling elite that controls the banks, large corporations, major communications media, influential foundations... In fact their power encompasses all segments of society... They're taking over ... The Party System Represents Parties - not people! Stuff the Parties!
It features a quote by author G Edward Griffin: "Politicians are Puppets for cartelists & monopolists, the corporate interests behind the scenes, who are getting these laws passed..."
No Mandate! No Education cuts! No Toxic Dumps! No full sale of Telstra! Don't mine Jabiluka!


Some info on "POLITICS CAN BE FUN! ... A musical journey through the flaws of party-system democracy."

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Review: "Imagine a mix between NIN, the Chemical Brothers, Atari Teenage Riot, the Aphex Twin & Negativland..." Canberra Times newspaper.
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"ALBUM OF THE WEEK" on several Australian radio stations including Brisbane's 4ZZZ and Canberra's 2XX.

Music genres include: industrial, electronica, digital hardcore, witch-house, darkwave, cyberpunk, cybergoth, electro-funk-rock, hip-hop, dub, witch-step, EBM (electronic body music), electroclash and musique-concrete experimental sound-noise-scapes.

"Mandate!" was a huge hit on non-commercial non-government radio stations across Australia. It is fair to say it was played nearly every day on multiple community/college stations across the country from late 1998 through into 2000 and was still very popular in following years.

"Mandate!" is a well-regarded protest anthem against the unpopular government of the time who were voted out of government by 62% of voters but remained in power because of flaws in Australia's election system.

"Mandate!" was even played a few times by sneaky DJs on government radio stations like "Triple J (JJJ)" which officially sought to avoid the track because of the sampling of politicians.

Even so the video for "Mandate!" was shown on the national ABC and SBS TV stations. The song was also played in nightclubs and at protest rallies.

Around this time EYE were interviewed on over a dozen radio shows spanning Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Fremantle, Canberra & Newcastle. EYE were also interviewed for the SBS-TV "Alchemy" music show.

"Mandate!" broke EYE out of genre-specialist music programs and on to prime-time radio slots like breakfast and sunset-drive-home-time shows. It was often played several times per day on the same radio stations. This was a unique achievement for an Australian "electronica industrial" music project, especially one that's self-managed-independent and did not at that time play live.

Other tracks that received a lot of radio play across Australia include:
- "Party Politicians are Puppets"
- "Puppets (for cartelists & monopolists)"
- "No Mandate!"
- "Uranium Mining..."
- "Saving the Senate..."
- "Deception of the House of Representation..."
- "Action = Life!"
- "Transnational Corporations own 90% of Australia but pay less than 8% of the tax"...
- "Respect That Mandate!"

Several of the album's tracks appeared on various artist compilation CDs.

This online re-issue contains some tracks that were not on the original CD:
- "Nuclear Waste Dumps in Australia? (U.S. made it; U.S. can keep it!)"
- "The Invisible Government behind The Party System" - which was released on some compilation CDs
- "Party Politicians (part 3) - won't you please shut up & ...?"

These along with several other tracks were intended to be re-recorded and released on a 2nd "Politics can be fun" CD but that did not eventuate. And one track has been removed for inclusion on a future set of music.

- - - - - -
Review: "Original... punk ethic... tech-industrial... atmospheric & spooky to in your face." DRUM Sydney's music-paper.

Review: "Chilling yet hilarious... intense... full-on... intelligent & outspoken." D.B. Music, Adelaide's music-paper.
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The CD was sold in over 40 independent record stores around the country and (according to stores) by selling several thousand copies became a best-seller for a truly independent music project and a best-seller for a Canberra-based music band.

Having said that EYE received money back from only 5 of those record stores - the ones they could visit in person! After the government's GST (new tax) came in most of these stores stopped stocking independent music projects.

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EYE's main website addresses are:
~ www.EYE.audio
~ www.EyeMusic.info
~ www.youtube.com/user/EYEmusique/videos
~ soundcloud.com/eye-music-songs
~ www.australiangothicindustrialmusic.com/bands/eye-band-music-songs.html


released December 21, 1998


all rights reserved



EYE Australia

The EYE music band/group has 10+ Albums/EPs/Singles in styles of dark alternative, psychedelic, darkwave, electro industrial rock, heavy electronica, gothic metal, electro/cyber/synth-punk/goth/pop/rock, glitch/hip-hop, intelligent/electronic dance music, musique concrete, ambient, power noise & political protest songs / Side groups/projects/bands: AYA, DJ Citizen, E.L.F., XELF, DJ Robot Citizen ... more

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